FindDoctors - Doctor Online Booking System

FindDoctors is a comprehensive, mobile-enabled and scalable online appointment system that can engage your customers as well as fulfill the appointment scheduling requirements of your healthcare organisation.

With FindDoctors, patients can search for doctors, view their online calendars and book appointments instantly. Patients can log in to to view, modify or cancel their appointments any time, anywhere and on any device. For doctors, appointments can be made by patients, call centre agent or through their clinic management system - all synchronised to one online calendar. Appointment confirmations are sent to patients and doctors, while reminder messages will also be sent to patients a configurable number of days before their appointments.

Doctors also have full control over their online calendar and is able to configure their weekly open appointment slots or AD-HOC blocked-out dates which will be reflected in their online calendar instantly.

FindDoctors functions as a central appointment database and provides an API web service which allows other appointment applications to tap on the schedules of all the doctors so that every doctor has his/her calendar synchronised across all of his/her different applications. Similarly, a call centre can book appointments against the same doctor using their Salesforce website which updates FindDoctors database in real time using FindDoctors web services.