About Us

Greenfossil is a full stack software developer. Using Scala and Java, we develop enterprise grade web-based applications with an emphasis on mobile platforms. Our products have withstood the test of time serving the needs of our customers in Healthcare, Society & Community and Education.

On the sysadmin side, we have adopted devops practices by developing solutions to automate the deployment of software. This is where we strive to reduce complexity and improve productivity to achieve scalability in system management.

We offer tailored solutions through consulting services, partnership with technology partners and product customisation.

We value innovation, velocity, quality and being customer-centric in everything we do:

Cultivating an innovative environment where we challenge ourselves to be creative for a better outcome.
Accelerating time-to-value by leveraging standards and reusing our own technologies.
Assured quality by applying best practices in software development methodologies.
Commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Most importantly, we value our people. This is why we make conscious efforts to learn together, spur one another's professional growth and challenge ourselves to create solutions that make a difference.

The company can only grow when our people grow - that's our firm belief.

Our Core Values


Our Touch Points


Improves experience with optimal flow and access to information.

Societies and Communities

Increases satisfaction with integrated membership and event management.


Enhances productivity through simplicity of usage.