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Enterprise E-Repository

Arkisto is an enterprise electronic repository that provides hierarchical role-based access control, document submission, approval workflow, fine-grained access matrix, search, tagging and browsing functionalities.

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Submit and search for documents in the repository, with flexible search options like Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Role-based workflow engine

A role-based workflow engine allows the definition of workflow processes. A business task is routed through the workflow process based on the action taken by the current owner. More than one user can be assigned to each role to enable workload sharing. The engine embeds a fine-grained mechanism that allows different roles to access different information and perform different actions for each task.

Hierarchical Role-based Access Control

Simple management of users, groups, roles, and how they tie to the hierarchical organisation structure.

Access Matrix

Enables fine-grained access control for published documents based on space, role and permissions.

Document Access Statistics

Generate statistics about which documents are accessed using a combination of selection criteria.

Configurable Portal Content

Allows the administrator to change the content of the application home page.

Document Approval Trail

A document's approval trail provides information on what action was taken when and by whom the document was undergoing approval workflow.

Request for Access to Document

Manage the release of documents requested by users who do not have automatic access control to those documents.

My Task

Shows a list of tasks pending your action.

My Submissions

Shows a list of documents you have submitted for publishing in the repository.

Custom Forms

Document submission forms can be customised, as is the case here where Arkisto is used in a research fund application scenario.