Technologies We Use

At Greenfossil, our goal is relentless pursuit for product quality. For this end, we design and engineer our software using the latest innovations in development tools and cutting-edge technologies which support industry standards and best practices.

We follow standards closely to ensure product longevity and extensibility. It is in our culture to embrace and keep abreast with the best-of-breed technologies, tools, practices and standards.

With RESTful architecture, Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Scala, we are scaling new heights in software product development!

Standard Specifications

We believe that standards specifications promote choice for our customers and ourselves.

The following are some examples:


Our belief is using the right tool for the right job will reduce cost of ownership and maximize return on investments.

The selection of the right technologies must also have a wide appeal and support from the industry.


Tools are integral to our work.

The availability of good tools greatly enhances our productivity and facilitates collaboration amongst our team members.

Intellij IDEA
Best Practices

Embracing industry best practices and methodologies enables us to deliver quality outcomes in product developments.

With Agile's adaptive methods and pursuit of product with service excellence, customers have been delighted when our product reaches their doorstep.

RESTful Achitecture
Responsive Design

Technologies We Built

As a software engineering company, Greenfossil develops our own technologies to drive our productivity and the quality of our products.

Our software IPs were borne out of the need to be able to quickly and accurately deploy a robust program within a short period of time.Each product is responsible for a distinct component of a program which allows for the flexibility of mixing and matching according to a project's needs.

The following are some of our software IPs:

Persistence Engine
Hierarchical RBAC
Scheduling Engine
Rule-Based Billing Engine
Finite State Machine
Dynamic Survey Engine
POJO-based Messaging framework
LDAP Relational Mapping Framework