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Online Event Management System

Engage is a highly configurable online event management and booking system with sophisticated management features, comprehensive reports, a versatile billing engine and payment gateway integration. It allows organizations to manage events efficiently and provide better service to their clients through an intuitive user interface.

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One System For All Events

Designed for an organisation to manage any event it needs. The administrator can easily set up different types of events, different types of order items and multiple pricing structures.

All Platforms

Designed to look great not only in the latest desktop browsers but also in tablets and smartphone browsers.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Customizable to seamlessly integrate with your preferred payment gateway. It does so securely without holding on to users' credit card information.

Flexible Billing Engine

Comes bundled with a versatile billing engine so that you can configure the system with different charge models and concessions.

Sophisticated Directory

Allows searching by various criteria e.g. name, occupation, booking number.

Comprehensive Reports

Comes with extensive reports including booking-related reports, attendee-related reports and event-related reports.

Detailed Booking Information with Transaction Logs

Users can check booking details with a price breakdown and logs of every single transaction made for that booking.

Wait List

Is your event fully booked? Engage allows users to be added to a waitlist.


The dashboard that provides the information you need in one place. View your notifications, check the weather forecast and book the upcoming events.