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Scala 3 micro-service Framework
Thorium Framework is a modern microservices framework built on top of Armeria Scala 3 and Java 17. Simple, scalable and easy to use, it can be the perfect companion for your next web project.
Data Mapping
Scala library to handle form submission
Data Mapping is a Scala 3 library for form and data binding, which comes with features like conversion of data into Scala types (such as primitive types, tuples, case classes and collection), validation and tranformation of data. This library is used in Thorium project in binding HTTP request body and query params into desired type, and is inspired by Play Framework's form submission feature.
Scala HTML templating engine
Htmltags is a HTML rendering library, it facilitates the construction of an immutable HTML document using Scala 3. It also provides CSS Selectors to allow runtime modification the immutable HTML document. This library is inspired by Scalatags and it is compiled with Scala 3.2 and Java 17.
Commons JSON
Scala library for JSON processing
Commons JSON is a Scala3 library for parsing and generating of JSON text, and has notable features such as parsing of JSON into Java Time Temporal types and transveral path search. This is created primarily to support Thorium project and is inspired by Play-Json and is compiled with Scala 3.2 and Java 17.
Commons i18n
Scala library for internationalization and localization
Commons-i18n is a I18n Scala library, it is created primarily to support Thorium project. This library is compiled with Scala 3.2 and Java 17.
Typesafe Config Ext
Scala typesafe extension library
This library provides convenience 'Option' extension methods to LightBend Config library. This library is compiled with Scala 3.2 and Java 17.