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Flow Management System
Nexus is an innovative enterprise queue system designed to cater to the demands of modern hospitals. With the aim of enhancing efficiency and delivering a patient-centric experience, Nexus is designed to streamline operations and revolutionize the healthcare experience.
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Church Management System
Sojourner is a comprehensive and robust church management system designed to help churches by simplifying and streamlining complex ministry and day-to-day operations.
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Nex Queue
Simple Queue System
Nex Queue is an elegant and efficient e-ticketing and crowd management solution suitable for any event or customer service center that desires a contactless operation.
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Issue Tracker
iTrack is the ultimate solution for efficient project management. Our issue tracking, requirements tracking, and information repository system streamlines project coordination and boosts team productivity.
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Enterprise E-Repository
Arkisto is a powerful enterprise e-repository that offers advanced features such as hierarchical role-based access control, document submission, approval workflows, fine-grained access matrix, search, tagging, and browsing.
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Event Management System
Engage is the ultimate solution for seamless event management and booking. Our system is highly configurable and offers sophisticated management features, comprehensive reports, a versatile billing engine, and seamless payment gateway integration.
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