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Simple Queue Service

A simple but elegant queue system designed for e-ticketing for any event or any customer service centre that would benefit from a contactless operation and crowd management.

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Queue Dashboard

Multi-user dashboard to show who is waiting, who has been notified, who has been served. Allows skipping of queue numbers who have not turned up after some time.

Skipped Queue

Manage a list of skipped queue numbers.


Notifies customers to return to the service counter with the click of a button.

Ticketing Hours

Controls when customers can obtain e-tickets. In addition, operators can turn on and off the queue service at any time.

Customisable Messages

Administrators can customise notification messages. Notification messages include new e-tickets, ready-to-serve, status enquiry, closed queue, and expired e-tickets. Graphics can be included to incorporate promotional messaging.


Provide a safe mechanism for customers to generate tickets.

Status Enquiry

Allows customers to enquire about his/her queue status, number of parties ahead or expected wait time. Customers can choose to cancel or confirm their queue number for them to return to the service counter.