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Best Church Management System, Singapore

Sojourner is a comprehensive and robust church management system designed to help churches by simplifying and streamlining complex ministry and day-to-day operations.

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Sojourner is a comprehensive and robust church management platform which consolidates all member, visitor and event details. Through an integrated set of features, Sojourner empowers church leaders with information like who is involved in which ministries, learning history of members, attendance statistics, booking details, visitor status and more. It helps administrators to organise people into hierarchy of ministries, groups and services, as well as manage resources and events. Members can pretty much perform most activities through self-service. It is designed to be used anytime, anywhere and on any platform - PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Overall Sojourner allows the church to manage its membership and operations effortlessly, effectively and efficiently and serves as a reliable ‘corporate memory’ with the centralised repository of data it maintains.


Facility Booking

With Facility Booking module, members can make tentative bookings using an intuitive calendar interface. Bookings can be confirmed by the administrator or self amended by the user. The system supports recurrent and force booking by the administrator. There is also an option to integrate with a cloud-based E M lock system, so a user can present his QR code to unlock the door at the booking time.

Zoom Integration

Sojourner provides a fully integrated experience with Zoom video conferencing platform. All course or event management functions can be performed within Sojourner which will automatically schedule events and participants in Zoom. The administrator can then trigger an invitation from Sojourner before the meeting session. At the end of a meeting, the system will automatically collate attendance without administrator intervention. Sojourner can automatically facilitate online cell group meetings and attendance via similar processes.

SingPass & MyInfo Integration

The software is capable of integrating with SingPass Login and MyInfo . This means we are ready to enable login via SingPass or synchronise personal data via MyInfo with a single click of a button.

Role-based 2FA

Customers have the option to enable second factor authentication via SMS. 2FA can be implemented based on inclusion or exclusion rules. Using inclusion rules, the system enforces 2FA for specified roles while using exclusion rules, the system enforces 2FA for all except the specified roles.

WhatsApp Notification

The Communications module now supports the delivery of notifications through WhatsApp, in addition to email and SMS

Quick Menu

Quick Menu which is now the default navigational UI on mobile devices. More aesthetically pleasing and easier on "fat fingers". It also allows power users to enter key words to zoom in quickly on the required functions instead of using manual navigation.

Worship Service Planning

Allows admin to easily create detailed service plan or itinerary which can be viewed online, including shared resources (songs, sermon) by the roster team members can access via a calendar view.

Leader's Dashboard

CG leaders are given leader's resources and helpful information to aid their tasks like members' birthdays and wedding anniversaries whenever they log in to Sojourner, whether on a PC or mobile device. Assigned newcomers also appear on the landing page for the leader's follow up.

Attendance Taking

Sojourner supports attendance taking across multiple modules: weekly services, cell groups, courses, events, children classes, AGMs. All attendance can be easily performed anywhere with any device.